The Doctors-Childrens Hospital of Richmond

I was hired recently to shoot a series of portraits for the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. These doctors are some of the best in their fields and work for one of the most regarded health care clinics in America. My crew and I flew from MPLS to VA and spent 2 days creating this series and enjoying the beautiful city of Richmond at night.

Pixel Pusher-Youtube video

Howdy folks, again-long time, no type for me as family and summer have kept me away from the computer. I have been sneaking away to learn some new tricks for my editing and decided to go ahead and start posting the videos of my steps for you amusement. 

A cool & inexpensive photo contest


Did you know that PDN (Photo District News) hosts a really cool and free photo contest for those of you who consider yourself ’emerging” photographers? Wanna win? I did.

Here’s the scoop, follow this link PDN Emerging for instructions on uploading your best work & lets see some BP friends in the winners gallery. here’s a link to the current winners. Photo contests are usually a costly pain in the buttox, it’s refreshing to find one that is fun to participate in, especially with such an esteemed industry magazine as host.

UPDATE-PDN has moved this to a pay to submit contest and now publishes the winners as an online magazine. Though, I feel like it kills the fun of it being a free contest. I also feel that the new version is much better in substance and the features make more sense. The original contest was great, but became very random with a whole lot of images that made you go ” what the fuck did they see in this?” but thats why art is subjective. Right?

Anyways….got $20 and a fun image or series, look into this.

A “Planet” is born

Welcome to Blank Planet, funny name with some seriously cool post to come, all related to photography and the art of imaging. Blank Planet is not just here to entertain and inform on the world of commercial photography-we’d love to inspire you with fresh, useful content that will open your eyes to your own personal journey as an artist. This is a forum, a community and a chance to see the big picture one frame at a time.